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A millenary mutually beneficial process

Alpacas need their fur sheared periodically to avoid suffocation or asphyxia. That’s why shearing has proven to be a successful and harmless way of helping alpacas, while providing job opportunities for people in the andean communities.

Painting with nature’s colors

Textile dyeing is the second largest polluter of clean water globally, after agriculture. Having more than 20 natural colors available compared to 3 natural colors for wool, alpaca fiber doesn’t need artificial dyes, which avoids a lot of water consumption.

Preserving lands passively

The alpaca’s soft padded hooves leave grass intact and, when eating, alpacas nibble only the top of the grass. Also, due to their extreme habitat (almost 4,000 masl), alpacas do not use the land or water destined for food production unlike other livestock.

All paths lead to quality

As ambassadors of our country, one of our top priorities is to demonstrate de high level fashion we can develop. That’s why our brand focuses on achieving top quality products that will endure through thick and thin, since the way of communicating with our customers and reflecting our efforts is through our own products.

To achieve the highest quality global standards, we found in the alpaca fiber our paramount material. Stronger and lighter than most fibers, it provides everything you would want from your clothes. Our products are made to be long lasting and durable through all conditions, so even if we tried, quality is inevitable.


As a brand, we believe that we must be outspoken when it comes to our environmental impact. We are aware that the fiber we employ to elaborate our products has environmentally friendly properties, but alpaca fiber alone isn’t enough for us to be a totally sustainable brand.

All of the reasons that make alpaca fiber products so resistant, durable, soft and suitable for extreme weather conditions make it the ideal product for those who value the environmental impact of lasting quality clothes, instead of fast fashion collections that encourage recurrent purchases and lead to more waste.

We recognize that we are not the first nor the last brand that encourages slow fashion. But, by starting our commitment to this movement in an early stage, we believe our contribution can scale exponentially as we keep growing. We have a long way to go and our goal can be ambitious, but we believe in putting little efforts everyday can generate a long term impact. It’s really all about being consistent.


We care about every detail involved in making our products entirely sustainable and environmentally friendly. That's why our packaging includes recycled carton boxes and bags made of Peruvian organic cotton. Additionally, the material used for the cover bag is made of biodegradable materials.