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The Peruvian Alps and Sustainable Fashion

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"Sustainable fashion". What‘s the route to this concept? In a global context, the textile industry is the second most polluting. The path towards sustainability implies searching for actions that care for our natural resources, and the deserved recognition of the actors involved during the process of making a garment. From start to finish.

There are three relevant concepts in the world of sustainable fashion. The first is Slow Fashion, a concept that invites slower production times while going with the rhythm of nature. The second is called Eco Fashion and focuses more on the materials that will be used throughout the process. And finally, Ethical Fashion, which emphasizes a fair payment to the workers, for the given effort and time to deliver the pieces our customers crave so much.

The Peruvian Alps wants to leave a green footprint in Peru and in the world. We know such a task takes time, but that’s the ideal we pursue in favor of our home: the earth. Thanks to this approach, we have been recognized by the media, such as in Forbes and Yahoo! Lifestyle, as a brand heavily concerned with the environment that’s aiming to be responsible in the role of generating a positive impact as we progress.


We want to inspire more projects to take this sustainable approach. Achieving the ethically correct process may not be the easiest route (we’re still figuring it out), but we’re sure this is the path that takes you to the highest point in terms of satisfaction with the end result.


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