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The legend of the Alpaca

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The stories take us to a magical world where the truth enters the space of fantasy and wonder. In Peru there are many legends that are told around the country. Stories that enrich the local culture and give a pleasant bonus to those who make tourist trips or to those who have an interest in the history of Peru. 

Have you ever heard the legend of how alpacas came to the world?

"An old Quechua legend tells that the God, Pachacamac, was the one who gave the first men who inhabited these lands, the llamas and the alpacas. Compassionate for the great hardships the men went through for not having enough clothing and food for their survival after a prolonged drought that devastated plants and animals, Pachacamac provided the animals for men to make use of them permanently, ensuring their future.

Photo: Freepik / Graphic Intervention: The Peruvian Alps

Animals were given as heritage and not as property on the condition that men conserve them, take care of their breeding, protect them from their natural enemies and diseases, and take advantage of their products. Because the day they didn't, the animals would disappear from the world.


Once that day arrives, it would mean the end of the world. Based on this belief, men pay special care to these animals and treat them with great affection, giving them beautiful names, throwing parties and worshiping them so that they feel happy.

Photo: The Peruvian Alps 

To this day, alpaca owners and producers meet these conditions, prioritizing the animal health and wellbeing above anything else. Probably, that’s the reason why they preserve the ancestral shearing techniques: to avoid mistreating the alpacas and to keep working with them responsibly. That way, we can continue to enjoy its fiber without generating a negative impact during its growth and life cycle.

*Text extracted from the "Manual del Alpaquero".
Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation of Peru.

Top banner photo: Freepik

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