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Meet the garments from Reflect Collection

Posted by The Peruvian Alps on

A mirror is capable of showing our deepest emotions and feelings. It also projects an image that we often try to improve to see ourselves in the way we like best. That mirror that we all have will always reflect our essence: what makes us unique.

Our Reflect Collection was made in order to confirm your style, without forgetting the comfort of feeling at home. This clothing line is totally combinable and suitable for any occasion! We present you our first 7 designs made with 100% Baby Alpaca: Sama, Camana, Olmos, Vitor, Napo, Manu and Chala, a set that pays tribute to the names of rivers where we see reflected the imposing nature of Peru. 

Each fabric in this collection has one of the best fibers in the world. We are aware that the ancestral techniques used in the process where the alpaca fiber is obtained are respectful with the environment, since the resources used are renewable and 100% biodegradable. In this way we contribute to balancing the care of the planet.

 “Wearing our garments is the purest manifestation of our essence, it means showing ourselves to the world as we really are, the most sublime expression of our reflection”.

- The Peruvian Alps Team

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  • I’ve tried the product and it’s much better than than expected! Congrats to all the team!!

    Walter Martínez on
  • Love this!! Peru is a beautiful country. Great work.

    Katia Zavala on

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