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Alpaca and the textile industry: impact and expansion

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Maybe you've been once told: "Hey, nice outfit!" And somewhere miles from you, in the Peruvian Andes where alpacas live, there's someone who also gets the compliment. That someone knows alpaca fiber is one of the finest in the world, allowing them to walk through the path of excellence.

Peru is not only known for being a great exporter of alpaca fiber. It also pursues investment and growth for the alpaca made garments industry. In addition, it provides technical and commercial advisory services that increase the quality of the finished products while they grow under the watchful eye of the world.

 Photo: Freepik

Within this context full of success, it is fair to recognize thousands of alpaca breeder families for their work. The entire community involved is a fundamental piece in the gear that moves Peruvian fashion. Their fiber care and treatment techniques allow us to achieve high-level garments.

Photo: PromPerú

On the other hand, designers play a great role in positioning Peru in the world of fashion, thanks to a deep research and understanding of new trends, in order to create, with their own style, opportunities to keep catching the attention of demanding customers.

We have a long way to go, and much more to offer to the world. Peruvian alpacas will continue to dazzle with the quality of their fiber. The path of excellence is becoming wider and clearer for them.

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